End-Of-Life Care FAQs

Questions About End-Of-Life Care

CORE Healthcare is taking the coronavirus crisis very seriously and continues to adhere to safety guidelines set from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and local health departments.

End-Of-Life Care is available for patients with a 6 months or less life expectancy due to a life-limiting illness as determined by the patient’s physician and the medical director. For more details regarding hospice eligibility, give us a call at (800) 200-7177.

End-Of-Life Care is provided by an interdisciplinary team which include doctors, nurses, chaplains, hospice aides, social workers, bereavement counselors and volunteers. This team is guided by the medical director.

The patient decides. This decision is done with the patient, their physician, their family, and their friends. Patients and their loved ones are given the ability to choose whether they want to continue or discontinue hospice services. If they decide to discontinue hospice services, they typically seek aggressive treatments to cure the life-limiting illness.

Each patient has a personalized plan of care to tend to their needs and their family’s needs. Medicare requires that all approved hospice agencies provide a standard set of services.

End-Of-Life Care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and a majority of private insurance. Hospice relieves financial concerns because services linked to the life-limiting illness, such as pharmaceutical drugs, and medical equipment are covered by hospice benefits – with little to no cost to the patient.

It is up to the patient and their family to revoke hospice services at any time. There are situations where hospice services are no longer suitable, the patient’s condition gets better, or the patient decides to recommence curative treatments. If their condition worsens, they are welcome to re-apply for hospice benefits.

Hospice isn’t a specific place like a hospital but a philosophy of care. Hospice care is provided and personalized to support the patient’s needs. It can be provided anywhere a patient considers to be home such as a private residence or a nursing home.

A majority of patients achieve a reasonable level of comfort through medications, counseling sessions, and therapies. Core Healthcare tries to find the optimum balance to provide our patients with comfort and relief.

The patient will request their physician to submit a referral, or they can connect with our team. Following the patient’s physician refers them to hospice care, the patient and their loved ones will arrange a meeting at their earliest convenience to understand their needs and prepare a personalized plan of care.

Connect with a CORE Team Member to learn more about End-Of-Life Care.