Drugs, Supplies, & Medical Equipment

Drugs, Supplies, & Medical Equipment

CORE Healthcare provides all the medications, supplies, and medical equipment relating to our patient’s primary diagnosis at no additional cost. 

The CORE Healthcare Team will take care of everything from ordering to setup of all the medications, supplies, and medical equipment that the care plan calls for. We want to make sure our patients and their families get the items they need so they don’t have to worry about making runs to the local pharmacy or medical supplies store.

What Items Does CORE Healthcare Provide?

The items provided from CORE Healthcare will vary from patient to patient as each care plan is personalized to suit their needs.

The Drugs, Supplies, and Medical Equipment may include the following:

We will gladly complete a personalized assessment to discover if hospice care is the right option for your loved one.

To get connected with us, please don’t hesitate to connect with a CORE Healthcare Team Member.

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